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Skin filler injections- are widely used to replace the natural elastic structure of the skin which through normal skin movement, often worsened by excessive sun exposure from sunbeds or natural sunlight, thins the skin especially in areas of folding due to muscle movements. Lines or ‘wrinkles’ result over time and if well established will require an inert and stable substitute to be injected into the skin structure to ‘refill’ or ‘plump out’ the resulting lines. Many substances have been used over the years including collagen extracts from cattle, hyaluronic acid preparations, plastics and silicones, ‘superglue’ spheres and lactic acid polymers in attempts to produce a long lasting and cosmetically excellent result. Naturally some of these treatments have had unacceptable results and complications and have fallen out of use. Your individual requirements will guide the best choice of skin filler for you.
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